McDonald's #1 app that turned virtual skydivers into real world diners.

Case Study

Over 10,000,000 plays, 600,000 items claimed and a number one spot in App Store and Google Play charts. Illustration from the campaign was also featured in the Graphis Design Annual.

We launched using a mix of live action, animation and in-game footage across various channels. After the teaser and launch phase, we kept players interested with leaderboards, in-game stores, hidden coin codes, secret phone numbers, ringtones, prizes, and giveaways. The gameplay was actually addictive with player averaging five minutes per session. In the end, it was a game about falling, that helped millennials fall in love with McDonald's.


Live action casting videos

Testing in game power ups

Agency: DDB
Client: McDonald’s
Role: Creative

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48 hours to write, film & edit.
1 minute to win.

Winner Cannes Young Lions AU
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